From time to time I see something in the Scripture to which I think ‘I never noticed that detail!’ Or at least that detail didn’t resonate with me before.

Today’s is this: When we read the parable of the talents, I had always considered the person given just one talent wasn’t given all that much money, and that since ‘money makes money’, he was dealt with a weak hand and that it was almost unfair for the master to judge him.

We must remember a talent is a measurement of weight, not value. And according to my Bible encyclopaedia, amounts to 120lb troy. A Troy pound is 12 Troy oz, and as of this morning gold is trading at £1537.94 per Troy oz. So, at today’s gold prices, a talent of gold (1440 Troy oz) is worth just over 2.2 million pounds (£2,214,633.60). This is a really significant amount of money, so the master’s judgement is not as unfair as might appear at first sight.

Just one talent from God is a significant gift! Let’s be sure not to despise the talents God gives us and make sure we make good and wise of use those talents He does give us!