1. You’re a surgeon giving them a life-saving operation.
  2. You’re an engineer designing and/or developing something which will keep them safe.
  3. You’re a research chemist developing a new drug which will transform their life.
  4. You’re a pilot, bus driver, train driver, chauffeur, transporting them somewhere.

And the list goes on …

I get the idea that it is important, at times and under certain circumstances, it is the most important thing to care for people you are relating to, but it is not a “catch all”.

Some mushrooms are good to eat and some will kill you. You need to know the difference because eating poisonous mushrooms will kill you no matter how much care you take in the preparation.

And, faith is like mushrooms. Even if you can’t see the differences between faiths, some will bring you death. How much you know will then become supremely important – chose the wrong one and you will die.