Julian’s new book is now available on Amazon.

Having turned his preaching series on the Disciples and some of the people whose lives are touched by Jesus into his previous two books, he has now turned his thoughts on the book of Esther into offering number 3.

These books do follow the Bible, but are not really intended to be seen as academic or theological commentaries. They are, rather, written at a ‘popular’ level and intended to be devotional or meditative.

You can pick up copies in print or epub format on Amazon as Follows:

Walking with the Disciples:

This book is based on a series of messages from the start of 2021 where we ‘walked with’ the 12 Disciples of Jesus. One by one, week by week. It looks at each of the Disciples in turn and seeks to tease out lessons for us today.
The Disciples are a varied bunch of characters. Some we know loads about, others are all but unknown to us. This book focuses on the Biblical evidence and witness of the Bible, and not on any of the many church traditions which have developed.

Walking with the Early Believers

Following on from the series in the Disciples, we continued looking at some of the people who encountered Jesus or who are described by Luke in the book of Acts

Walking with Esther

Walking with Esther follows the book of Esther and looks at the life of this amazing young woman and the challenges she and her people faced.