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I have seen too many posts recently that say, “if you disagree with me unfriend me.” Or, “I’m unfriending people who think this way. “ Or some other variation of the same thing. Let me ask you a question, whatever happened to dialog, or conversations? When did the exchange of ideas become a bad thing? There is nobody on my friends list that I agree with 100% of the time. I have some friends who are atheist others who are agnostics, still more hold other religious beliefs to me. There are those who are straight, gay, married, single, rich and poor. Some have multiple college degrees while others never finished School.

Here’s my point. If I stop talking to those on my list or refuse to hear their viewpoint, I stop growing. So why not listen to one another? Grow closer together because of those things that make us different instead of forming tribes of only those who think like us, look like us, believe like us.

When we unfriend, or de-platform people simply because they say something we find uncomfortable, the truth is that the fault is with us and not them.
There is a saying we would do well to follow …

“Don’t listen to people to respond to them, listen to understand them”

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