Everyone Gets to Play

We believe that we are a body, that every one has a role to play. We believe that God is unconcerned with such things as age or gender when He gives His gift and His call, He called Abraham (75 years old – Genesis 12:4), and Samuel (Just a small boy), he used Deborah, Anna, Esther and others. He used Kings (Solomon, and Cyrus – read Isaiah 44:28) and He chose fishermen (the disciples), scholars (Paul was a pharisee), handsome men (Read Daniel 1:4), and men who were not (read Isaiah 53:2), Moses stuttered, Ehud was left-handed.

Local Sunday Services

Our basic rule is that you may be only 8, or you may be 80 (or older, or younger), whether male or female, if God has put His hand on you, you will be given opportunity to test and develop your calling. We are not going to follow any fashion or practice of the moment which favours any person solely based on such characteristics.

We have over the last year or so been involved in ministry all over the South West and further afield. We can make ourselves available to any who would appreciate our ministry.

We have been involved in…

  • Leading worship
  • Preaching
  • Training
  • Youth ministry
  • Drama

We have been involved in weekends away, conferences, Sunday meetings, training days. Mid-Week meetings and so on. We can accommodate all forms of requests, and can visit as a team, or send just one or two people to minister depending on your requirements.

Churchill Church group near Winscombe Somerset

We can also come and give a presentation about the work of Christ for India in Andhra Pradesh and the church planting work of the New Testament Church of India.

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