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This week we arrived at the Hall to find the Fire Alarm siren sounding. We had to cancel the meeting, but Julian recorded the message at home for us ...
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After a retreat weekend, I’m back in the saddle and able to post the link for yesterday’s message …

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Romans 15v22–33: Paul is in Corinth when he writes the letter to the Romans, he talks about wanting to visit them on his way to Spain. He talks of the contributions made in Achaia and Macedonia for the poor among the saints in Jerusalem, which he is in the process of taking to Jerusalem. He asks for their prayers for God’s protection from the unbelievers in Judea.
Some thoughts I am going to tackle today:
1. How far? — are you willing to go to proclaim the gospel?
2. How secure? — are your plans for the future?
3. How Much? — the Christian discipline of giving.

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Paul’s assessment of the Roman church is summarised in Romans15v14, he describes it as: 1. Full of Goodness, 2. Filled with knowledge 3. Able to instruct one...
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The Seed UK2 months ago
We’re joining our Christian brothers and sisters on Sunday 18th for this event. Why not join us there as well?


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Do unto others ….

Often Jesus’ rule, which is known as the ‘golden rule” is cited as a wonderful way to live. And so it is. Matthew 7:12 (ESV): “So whatever you wish that others would do to you, do also to them, for this is the Law and the Prophets”. A great way to live is always treat...

“Christmas is a pagan festival!”

This claim is currently doing the rounds on social media. If you are a Christian, what should we think about this? How should we respond? Are they right? What does this mean for Christmas? For our faith in Christ? It can be tempting to try to justify the Christian...

Julian’s Books

Julian’s Books Julian’s new book is now available on Amazon. Having turned his preaching series on the Disciples and some of the people whose lives are touched by Jesus into his previous two books, he has now turned his thoughts on the book of Esther into offering...

How do we know the will of God?

Many Christians are in awe of people who seem to ‘know’ what God’s will is, who seem to always be hearing the ‘still small voice of God’ and the ‘inner witness’ of the Holy Spirit. The Bible seems to also suggest something else. Consider the following two scenarios:...

What talent have you been given?

From time to time I see something in the Scripture to which I think ‘I never noticed that detail!’ Or at least that detail didn’t resonate with me before. Today’s is this: When we read the parable of the talents, I had always considered the person given just one...

Right and Wrong — or Legal and Illegal?

We have a tendency today to think that the terms “right” and “legal”, and the terms “illegal” and “wrong” are interchangeable. They are not. In modern western societies which are “democratic”. That is, governed through majority consensus, evidenced by the...

Some things Jesus never says:

Nowadays we have all manner of self help books, gurus and experts giving us all sorts of advice and making all sorts of comments about what people should do if they are to "be happy". Many of the philosophies of the world stand in contradiction to the narrative and...

Please be patient with us today …

We have family duties to attend to, so I won’t get the opportunity to edit and upload today’s message until this evening.

Awesome presentation of the story of the Bible in just 4 minutes …

Well worth the time, watch this short video. There are also a series of 6 short devotionals available on the page.

“People don’t care about how much you know until they know how much you care!”

UNLESS You’re a surgeon giving them a life-saving operation. You’re an engineer designing and/or developing something which will keep them safe. You’re a research chemist developing a new drug which will transform their life. You’re a pilot, bus driver, train driver,...

Preaching Archive

An archive of Julian’s preaching notes. Note that this is an archive of his notes, not transcripts of his messages!

Jesus, The Priest (2023-01-29)

This week we look at the second of the three offices of Christ. That is, Jesus as our priest....

Jesus, the Prophet

Preach, The Seed,(2023-01-22) Introduction: Well, here we are then! We finished Romans last week …...

Romans 16 (Preach, The Seed, 2023-01-15)

A list of names: When I was young, when asked what they wanted to do when they grew up, children...

Romans 15v22-33 (Preach, The Seed, 2023-01-08)

Paul is in Corinth when he writes this letter to the Romans, he talks about wanting to visit them...

Romans 8v14-21 (Preach, The Seed, 2022-12-11)

I myself am satisfied about you, my brothers, that you yourselves are full of goodness, filled...

Romans 15v8-13 (Preach, The Seed, 2022-12-11)

📖 (Read Passage)This appears to revisit the Gentile / Jewish divide. Interestingly, Jesus...

Romans 15v1–7 (Preach, The Seed, 2022–12–04)

📖 (Read Passage) Paul is continuing his exhortations about judgement and unity. I have...

Romans 14v13-23 (Preach, The Seed, 2022-11-27)

Recap from last week.This passage follows on from last week, so I want to just do a quick recap …...

Romans 14v1-12 (Preach, The Seed, 2022-11-20)

The focus of this morning’s passage might seem to be how we look at and how we judge one another....

Romans 13v11-14 (Preach, The Seed, 2022-11-13)

And do this, understanding the present time: The hour has already come for you to wake up from...

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