In this small snapshot on this page it is not possible to cover every base about what worship is, worship is so much more than just singing songs – it involves giving everything that we are to God! However, we do recognise that generally speaking, when we are asked “what is your worship like?”, what people really want to know is – “what songs do you sing?”, “do you sing hymns or choruses?” or something similar.

We try to use an eclectic mix of songs, from today and yesteryear, so we sing songs that have been written very recently, yet we try not to neglect the great hymns of the past. Musically at this point, our worship band comprises guitar and drums and we try to play in such a way as to encourage people to worship God using their own words during the worship.

We want everyone to feel relaxed during the worship and try not to put pressure on anyone to do anything they don’t feel comfortable with, therefore, if your preferred way of connecting with God during worship is quiet, feel free just to sit and connect with God while others stand and sing. If you want to dance, that is fine – just don’t knock anyone over in your enthusiasm!

A Note about the Spiritual Gifts

We believe that the gifts of the Spirit are available for Christians today and would encourage people to exercise them in our meetings. However we believe that Biblically all of the gifts should be exercised in an orderly way and that any tongue or prophecy must be weighed by the leadership of the church and measured against the Bible. Therefore in the interests of order, if you feel God is prompting you to bring a word or tongue, and you are not “known” to us, we ask that you approach one of our leaders before speaking out.

That way you (and we) avoid the potential embarrassment of someone stopping you in mid-flow!