Ministry & Service

Everyone Gets to Play

We believe that we are a body, that every one has a role to play. We believe that God is unconcerned with such things as age or gender when He gives His gift and His call, He called Abraham (75 years old – Genesis 12:4), and Samuel (Just a small boy), he used Deborah, Anna, Esther and others. He used Kings (Solomon, and Cyrus – read Isaiah 44:28) and He chose fishermen (the disciples), scholars (Paul was a pharisee), handsome men (Read Daniel 1:4), and men who were not (read Isaiah 53:2), Moses stuttered, Ehud was left-handed.

Our basic rule is that you may be only 8, or you may be 80 (or older, or younger), whether male or female, if God has put His hand on you, you will be given opportunity to test and develop your calling. We are not going to follow any fashion or practice of the moment which favours any person solely based on such characteristics.

We have been involved in ministry all over the South West and further afield. We have been involved in weekends away, conferences, Sunday meetings, training days. Mid-Week meetings and so on. We can accommodate all forms of requests, and can visit as a team, or send just one or two people to minister depending on your requirements.

Looking further afield

We also reach out with partners elsewhere to proclaim the gospel.

Why wouldn’t we want to reach out? – We have found something that has totally transformed us, it has given fulness and meaning to our lives!

We read the Bible and find that Jesus told the disciples to preach the Good News, in Matthew 28:19, Mark 16:15, John 20:21, Luke 24:47,48, and that he will give us the gifts we need to do that. We believe that the “Great Commission” is to tell people about Jesus all over the world. Acts 1:8 says “you will be witnesses in Jerusalem, Judea, Samaria and to the Ends of the Earth”. So we all try to tell friends, neighbours, work colleagues and so on about the fulness of life we have found.

At this point we a a very small church with extremely limited funds, so we have decided to focus our reaching out to just a few ministries.

Christ for India

We have connections with Christ for India, a ministry based in Andhra Pradesh. Christ for India have a school which takes children from pre-school age and educated them and prepares them for university education.

They have a Bible college (CoTR) which trains pastors and church planters to Bachelors, Masters and Doctorate level. Once they have graduated, the students are sent out to plant and lead churches all over India, the sister ministry (New Testament Church of India) currently supports well over 200 pastors and churches all over India with pastoral support, leadership help and a level of practical help (described as “rice and rent”).

We take small teams as finances, visa and local circumstances allow, we also do what we can to raise awareness and prayer for them. If you want to know more about the work of Christ for India please pop over to their website www.Christ for

Vision of Hope

Based in Mid-Wales, Vision of Hope was started to enable young people who have suffered through abuse and addiction to receive animal-assisted therapy. The Directors, have opened their home on the edge of the Brecon Beacons National Park to give these young people shelter, support, and time spent with the animals at their farm. The therapy has proved to be very helpful in building trust and bonding with the animals.

Vision of Hope takes young men and women from prison and gives them a taste of a real home, showing them the love and care of a Father God who loves them and a Son who died for them. Over the years they have been exceptionally effective in their work and the reoffending rate of residents is so significantly below traditional methods that the founders have been asked to advise the Government on this matter and been awarded and OBE by Her Majesty in recognition of this work. Because of its faith statement, Vision of Hope receives no Government grant or any other support and relies entirely on the generous giving of its supporters.