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The Seed is a Christian Fellowship and offers so much more for the local community, charity help abroad and our faith in prayer and support. There’s much more to the Seed than we can show but Baptisms, Communions to our Ministry and Service but if you would like to be part of our growing fellowship please get in touch.

We are a small group of followers of Jesus Christ who meet together to worship God, encourage one another and BE His people where we live in the South West of the UK. We also travel and minister in various churches in the region and further afield, and have a great time with them preaching, teaching, leading worship, taking services and so on.

The Bible uses the metaphor of a seed in a number of ways :

    1. Jesus tells a story about a farmer who scatters seed which falls on different types of ground, and when asked by the disciples about it, explains that the seed represents the word of God (Luke 8:11). The word of God is also described as a seed in 1 Peter 1:23, when Peter writes to the believers that they have been born again not of perishable seed, but imperishable – the living word of God.
    2. Jesus also talks about the kingdom of God being like a seed which grows all by itself (Mark 4:26-29).
    3. The Apostle Paul writes in Corinthians that he planted the seed, Apollos watered it, but it was God who gave the growth. (1 Corinthians 3:6)
    4. The Mustard seed is described as the smallest seed, yet we are assured that if our faith is as big as a mustard seed, we can achieve great things (Matthew 17:20).
    5. We ourselves are also described as seeds. Referring to God’s promise to Abram that his descendants or “seed” would be as numerous as the stars, Paul writes in Galatians that we are Abraham’s seed (Galatians 3:29)

We feel that just as a seed has everything in it to grow to become the plant God intended, we ourselves are a seed, and as we travel, we believe that we are planting seeds everywhere we go. We feel it fitting then, that we call ourselves The Seed.

On our site you will find all sorts of information about who we are and what we do. We post up audio files of our preaches for as many Sundays as we can. After 6 months, to preserve space on our server, these get archived and removed. We do keep copies locally and they can be emailed to you on request.

The Seed

Faith, derived from Latin fides and Old French feid, is confidence or trust in a person, thing, or concept. In the context of religion, one can define faith as confidence or trust in a particular system of religious belief. The Seed has so much Faith in all that we do, in all that we share.
The Seed meet for Prayer every week. The community gathers for strength, sharing in prayer for others, for family, friends and a better world that we share. Prayer in numbers or prayer in solitude.
Our Community is growing. The Seed values each and every person who joins us in prayer, in need or to share happiness and well being among everyone.


Community & Support

In September 2014, Julian & Wendy Richards and Steve & Sarah Stotesbury started praying and meeting together. A number of people joined us and a small community developed. In the summer of 2016, we felt it right to start meeting more “formally” on Sunday mornings and Tuesday evenings since that time.
The Bible uses a number of metaphors to describe believers, and we feel that each one helps us to understand what it means to follow Jesus together…
In 1 Corinthians, the apostle Paul writes to Christians who are dividing over minor issues (read 1 Corinthians 1:10-12), and in his letter, he declares that he had “resolved to know nothing but Christ Jesus and Him crucified” (1 Corinthians 2:2). There can be many different shades of belief about all sorts of aspects of the Christian faith, but the most important belief is this one… Jesus Christ died to save sinners (John 3:16Romans 5:81 Peter 3:181 John 3:161 John 4:10). For us this is our bottom line, we are not willing to reject anyone who has a different “take” on some other more minor point of faith..

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Latest News


  • Don’t jump to judgment.
    Cancel culture is rife in our culture today, the basic way it works is if anyone says or does anything at any point in their life (irrespective of context) which offends someone even if they have never met them or don’t even know them, then the offended person has the right to complain and demand action.It is also the case that if someone even anticipates that they might be offended by something, they have a right to protest and demand cancellation. This is particularly worrying if you believe in the importance of free speech.Others, often total strangers can prevent you from exercising your right to say what you believe or expressing an opinion. You can have social media accounts blocked, YouTube channels removed, you can be dismissed, you can have your home ripped away from you, speaking engagements or other meetings (even private ones) can be cancelled, and in extreme cases you might even lose your liberty. You might be prosecuted or cancelled over something you may have said or done decades ago and may not even remember.This means that total strangers may now have complete power over you. here are just a few examples: Christian speaker and son of Billy Graham, Franklin Graham was cancelled from speaking at a number of venues in the UK. His crime? Believing in the bible – and saying so. A Boeing executive was forced to resign for an article he wrote 33 years ago (33 years ago!) because of a view he expressed that women should not be combat pilots in the USAF. Irrespective of what people think NOW, at the time this view was quite common. Should he have anticipated how that what he said might affect folk three decades into the future? How does that affect how we live our lives now? Are YOU able to predict what people will think three decades from now? A petition was raised to prevent feminist Germaine Greer from speaking at a UK university because she believes that “women are women”, and that surgery will not magically turn a man into a woman. An L.A. Galaxy soccer player was sacked because of his wife’s tweet. I understand that the tweet was, indeed, offensive, but do we now hold men accountable for the actions of their wives? Isn’t this rank hypocrisy? Doesn’t judging a man for the actions of his wife smack of perpetuating the patriarchy? NASCAR driver Conor Daly lost a major sponsor of his race team after his father, a retired Formula 1 driver, acknowledged using a racial slur in an interview in the early 1980s – before he was even born! Outrage over author J.K. Rowling tweeting “people who menstruate? There’s a word for that …. women” (or something like it) Certainly, in many cases, even if the accusation is true in that you actually DID do or say that which caused the offence, there seems to me to be no real or genuine attempt to tease out context or intent. Outrage is absolute and there is only one remedy. Complete and absolute persecution. But context is vital! As an example if I […]
  • This Sunday’s Message
    Following on in our series walking with the disciples, we are now walking with some of the other people in the Bible whose faith is an inspiration to us. This week we take a look at someone who is almost unknown. In Acts 9 Ananias is told by God to go to Saul to pray for him. Saul has a letter from the Jews authorising him to arrest and imprison those who follow Jesus. Wow! What would you do if God told you to do something you thought might result in your arrest? Let’s learn from Ananias! We prepare and upload content to be premiered on our Facebook page and YouTube Channel. Join us every Sunday at 10:30 am. We also extract the audio of the message and upload to our podcast stream. You can find links for our various channels below: ========= Watch the FACEBOOK premier as it is transmitted: facebook.com/theseeduk Watch anytime on our YOUTUBE channel: youtube.com/channel/UCg0ZaX09bJ1KAN-z_slGIbg Listen to an audio recording of the message on our PODCAST stream: blubrry.com/the_seed
  • The Father’s Heart Conference
    The Father’s Heart Conference 28th/29th February 2020 Christchurch This year a group of us booked to go to this conference. It was organised by Commission Churches (used to be New Frontiers International) but any churches can attend. It was a chance for us to relax and enjoy fellowship together and spend time with other Christians, whilst enjoying times of worship, teaching, prayer, healing and just being in the presence of God. It was a 2-day conference but we arrived on Thursday evening so that we were there ready for the start at 9.15am on the Friday.  It finished about 8pm on Saturday evening so we were home ready for church on Sunday. Seven of us went from The Seed. Commission organise a range of meetings throughout the year. We are looking forward to the Connect Festival at the Royal Bath and West Showground from 27th – 31st August this year. You can book on: commission.global/connectfestival
  • Bi-monthly visit to Greenhill House, Cheddar
    Every second month a group of us visit Greenhill House in Cheddar to bring some entertainment; part of this is like a service with hymns and part of it is less serious with poetry and songs.
  • Connect Festival Bath & West 2020
    Connect Festival Bath & West 2020 Connect Festival Event 2020 The Seed are proud to announce we shall be attending the connect festival event in Somerset on 27th – 31st August 2020.
  • James 5v7-12
    This week we consider what James says about patience and waiting …
  • James 5v1-6
    Continuing in our series in James, we look at what James says about how we should view and handle wealth
  • James 4v13-17
    Preaching series through the book of James at The Seed Christian Fellowship, based in Somerset UK. This week Julian considers what following the will of God involves

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