Hillsong Conference 2016

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After 3 fabulous days in the O2 at the Hillsong Europe conference, I’m sat in my hotel room musing on the marvellous way God uses all sorts of people to minister to us.

The preachers were great, but I was also really blessed by some of the conversations I had randomly during the conference. Alessandro, an Italian brother from Naples, brothers from France and Columbia have ministered to me and reminded me that my faith is a worldwide faith, the exuberance of the young remind me that in Christ Jesus all barriers are meaningless, those of gender, race, age, economic status – we are all one in Christ Jesus!

Hillsong Europe had thousands in attendance, and we are only a handful, yet I was reminded that Jesus’ must powerful ministry was often to the one or the few: the woman with bleeding, blind Bartimaeus, the two lepers, the Samaritan woman at the well, the blind man, Zacchaeus – let’s not neglect the one in the pursuit of the many.

As Brian Houston says, “building a church is a completely different thing to gathering a crowd”

At The Seed, we are a church, not merely a crowd 🙂

We have already booked for next year. If you want to join us as part of the Seed, contact me and we can help you join our group and be transformed during a week if the best teaching and worship I have heard for a long time!

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