Corona – easing of lockdown

Following yesterday’s announcements by the government on easing of lockdown, places of worship are now allowed to meet for worship from 4th July.

We, however, will not.

Our venue, the village hall in Churchill is home to a pre-school, who have a health and safety COVID risk assessment in place which entails deep and thorough cleaning, so the hall committee have advised us that unfortunately we will not be allowed to pick up our usage of the hall until at least the end of term.

We are of course sad that we do not have the facilities available to meet together for public worship yet, but we quite understand and support the decision of the hall committee to protect the health of the children who use the pre-school.

We will, of course, keep presenting our livestreams on Sunday mornings, and, all being well, we will be able to start meeting in August after the schools have closed – watch this space!

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