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The Seed is a Christian Fellowship and offers so much more for the local community, charity help abroad and our faith in prayer and support. There’s much more to the Seed than we can show but Baptisms, Communions to our Ministry and Service but if you would like to be part of our growing fellowship please get in touch.

The Seed

Faith, derived from Latin fides and Old French feid, is confidence or trust in a person, thing, or concept. In the context of religion, one can define faith as confidence or trust in a particular system of religious belief. The Seed has so much Faith in all that we do, in all that we share.
The Seed meet for Prayer every week. The community gathers for strength, sharing in prayer for others, for family, friends and a better world that we share. Prayer in numbers or prayer in solitude.
Our Community is growing. The Seed values each and every person who joins us in prayer, in need or to share happiness and well being among everyone.

Community & Support

In September 2014, Julian & Wendy Richards and Steve & Sarah Stotesbury started praying and meeting together. A number of people joined us and a small community developed. In the summer of 2016, we felt it right to start meeting more “formally” on Sunday mornings and Tuesday evenings since that time.
The Bible uses a number of metaphors to describe believers, and we feel that each one helps us to understand what it means to follow Jesus together…
In 1 Corinthians, the apostle Paul writes to Christians who are dividing over minor issues (read 1 Corinthians 1:10-12), and in his letter, he declares that he had “resolved to know nothing but Christ Jesus and Him crucified” (1 Corinthians 2:2). There can be many different shades of belief about all sorts of aspects of the Christian faith, but the most important belief is this one… Jesus Christ died to save sinners (John 3:16Romans 5:81 Peter 3:181 John 3:161 John 4:10). For us this is our bottom line, we are not willing to reject anyone who has a different “take” on some other more minor point of faith..

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Latest News

  • Corona – easing of lockdown
    Following yesterday’s announcements by the government on easing of lockdown, places of worship are now allowed to meet for worship from 4th July. We, however, will not. Our venue, the village hall in Churchill is home to a pre-school, who have a health and safety COVID risk assessment in place which entails deep and thorough cleaning, so the hall committee have advised us that unfortunately we will not be allowed to pick up our usage of the hall until at least the end of term. We are of course sad that we do not have the facilities available to meet together for public worship yet, but we quite understand and support the decision of the hall committee to protect the health of the children who use the pre-school. We will, of course, keep presenting our livestreams on Sunday mornings, and, all being well, we will be able to start meeting in August after the schools have closed – watch this space!
  • About Ravi Zacharias
    In the last couple of days I have been finding it hard to concentrate on my work because as I sit here I find I am constantly thinking about the passing of apologist Ravi Zacharias. I am sure that many will have heard of Ravi and be familiar with his ministry, and others will not have. His life was given over to explaining and arguing the Christian faith and he spoke to many hundreds of thousands of people about the gospel, yet there are many millions who will have never heard of him. No matter who we are or how famous we think we are, we are but a drop in the ocean of humanity who are careering headlong towards oblivion and darkness without Christ. Death is the one certainty we must all face, it is as has been described “the final enemy” – a description taken from 1 Corinthians 15:26. Your BELIEF in what does or doesn’t happen after death will not affect one iota what ACTUALLY happens (or not). You can be as adamant an atheist as they come and it will have no effect at all on whether God exists or not. But you will still have to face the inevitability of death – whether you are right or wrong in your belief (sorry – LACK of belief) you still lose – you die. Atheism and materialism has so influenced our secular society to the point that for most people there is no belief in anything beyond death. Yet so many people are terrified of it and our confusion over death I suggest displays a weird dichotomy in it’s attitude towards “end of life” which is at best inconsistent and at worst completely hypocritical. On the one hand, medical practitioners take such extreme action at times that often I think they don’t prolong life, they merely delay death. We spend many billions of pounds every year on different drugs, machines and procedures for those who are fighting death. Any action at all it seems is ok if it gives someone a few more months, weeks, days or even hours. The death penalty was (in my opinion rightly) abolished decades ago partly because of a regard for human life – even a guilty one. Something in us makes us understand the inherent value of human life and we sense something is deeply wrong when it is taken away. So much so that when Kirk Douglas died recently, I saw a media report it as “too early” – he was 103!. On the other hand, society is hurtling towards a total disregard for human life. We already kill in the UK over 200,000 unborn children every year, and I have seen attempts to normalise voluntary euthanasia so that people don’t have to travel abroad to kill themselves legally. The conflicts and ideologies of the 20th century between them have killed more human beings that in all the centuries which have gone before added together. Discarding the Christian faith does not eliminate fear of death, if anything, it increases it whilst at the same time destroying hope and comfort in […]
  • 3rd May Livestream
    As usual during the lockdown, Julian produced and live-streamed a service for people to watch along with on Facebook. The livestream was recorded and is available on our facebook page or you can watch it on our youtube channel below … We also extract the audio from the preach and upload it to our podcast stream.
  • You’re not one of those “happy clappy” Christians are you?
    I was out walking the dog just before the lockdown and met two lovely people walking their spaniel, and as Bonkers tore about with their dog in a wild game of rough and tumble chase, our conversation touched the subject of my role as a pastor and, inevitably to my faith, hence the question “You’re not one of those “happy clappy” Christians are you?” I wanted to ask “why? Do you prefer the dull, miserable type?”, but chose to let the comment slide by, so I responded “absolutely! It’s hands down for coffee in my church!” His response? “I don’t like those happy clappy churches!” It transpired that the man who asked the question has only been to church twice in the last 7 years, and on both occasions it was to a Christmas Carol service. But the comment did set me thinking …. Making a judgement, especially a value judgement based on assumption and hearsay, or listening to media propaganda is certainly unwise and I would go so far as to say it’s downright foolish. I’ve been watching the media, and people’s posts, comments and blogs recently and have read and heard some really shocking statements about what people think and say about each other and it seems especially that Christians (and what they perceived to be like) are targets of some really vitriolic rhetoric. Often they are badly misinformed and sweeping generalisations. On many occasions, people making comments and accusations about Christians have little or no experiential experience of real people in real churches, and even if they do have some experience, making a statement that “all Christians” are like this or that is as prejudiced making a blanket statement about anyone who is part of any category, be it a racial one (all blacks are …), based on gender (all women are …), or even sexual preference (all gays are ….). In a modern, enlightened “tolerant” society, I would suggest that it is important not to believe everything you read or hear in the media about people, regardless of whether it is posited on social media or even the broadcast media. It is wise to understand that whatever one person is like, and however well you know them, they are certain NOT to represent the opinions or attitudes of the entire gamut of the people they appear to represent. I have been shocked and saddened by some of the things people have said to and about each other with little or no evidence. And in any case, what kind of people prefer a dull, miserable church to a “happy clappy” one?
  • This week’s livestream
    We were delighted to be able to livestream this morning’s message and upload the recording to YouTube
  • The Father’s Heart Conference
    The Father’s Heart Conference 28th/29th February 2020 Christchurch This year a group of us booked to go to this conference. It was organised by Commission Churches (used to be New Frontiers International) but any churches can attend. It was a chance for us to relax and enjoy fellowship together and spend time with other Christians, whilst enjoying times of worship, teaching, prayer, healing and just being in the presence of God. It was a 2-day conference but we arrived on Thursday evening so that we were there ready for the start at 9.15am on the Friday.  It finished about 8pm on Saturday evening so we were home ready for church on Sunday. Seven of us went from The Seed. Commission organise a range of meetings throughout the year. We are looking forward to the Connect Festival at the Royal Bath and West Showground from 27th – 31st August this year. You can book on: commission.global/connectfestival
  • Bi-monthly visit to Greenhill House, Cheddar
    Every second month a group of us visit Greenhill House in Cheddar to bring some entertainment; part of this is like a service with hymns and part of it is less serious with poetry and songs.
  • This week’s meeting
    Many churches now “live stream” their meetings for people to watch online. Unfortunately, our location has very bad signal and no wifi at all, so a livestream is not possible at this stage. We are, however, now recording our meetings and uploading the video to YouTube. This weeks’ recording has just been edited and uploaded for you to watch. Please be aware, we are not professionals in the media industry, so our videos are not highly polished, but we do hope that nevertheless you will enjoy watching and joining in with us. Technology permitting, we will continue to do this into the future and as we gain experience, hopefully recording and editing quality will improve. https://youtu.be/c7umSMjTAog